Pare-Cherest Clinic

Neuilly-sur-Seine, France

A natural stone facing to underline excellence and aesthetics

Building healthcare facilities is a complex task that requires designing buildings that are aesthetic, functional, innovative and scalable. SANAE Architecture, an architectural firm specializing in the design of sanitary and medico-social buildings, was responsible for designing the Neuilly-Sur-Seine hospital complex.

This project is exceptional in its size: the new complex aims to bring together, on the same site, the hospital services of the three establishments. To dress this structure consisting of two buildings spread over five floors, the facade had to integrate the aesthetic codes of a very residential environment.

Stone has established itself as the ideal material to meet this need for aesthetic and lasting integration. Anstrude and Massangis Clair Nuancé stones, extracted from quarries located in the Yonne, dress respectively the facades and the moldings and window sills. The sculpted sections that reinforce the visual identity of the building were cut at our production site in Ravières. The bas-reliefs were worked by our Chauvigny workshop. Finally, this project highlights the different know-how offered by Rocamat since the installation was carried out by our dedicated Rocamat Construction department.

The Neuilly-sur-Seine hospital complex should open its doors at the end of 2022.

“This is an exceptional project in several respects. It is part of an emblematic, constrained site and has strong challenges linked to the gathering of three clinics into one, marking a clear modernization of the working tools of a very large number of health professionals. Finally, it is characterized by an important architectural dimension, a major construction site and an unusual investment for a private player. » Arnaud Hirschauer, architect, major projects director


Photo credits :
SANAE Architecture​


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