Pointe de Trivaux Eco-District

Meudon-la-Fôret, France

Natural stone at the heart of an eco-district between town and forest

Selected for its aesthetics and low ecological impact, the Sebastopol Stone dresses several buildings in the Pointe de Trivaux eco-district in Meudon-la-Forêt.

Reducing the environmental impact of construction is an integral part of this vast project which involves the creation of housing, a school, shops and a sports center. Natural stone, an ecological material by nature, was therefore selected by the architects to dress the freestanding facades the La Ruche nursery school, designed by Muz Architecture, but also the various housing units designed by the architects Badia Berger, Devillers & Associés and Clément Vergely with glued facades.

At a time when regulations encourage the use of geosourced materials, this project provides perspectives on how to build new sustainable and responsible neighborhoods on a large scale.

“The idea of this building (La Ruche game library) was to follow on from what has been done nearby by Fernand Pouillon. The school and the games library have been designed as two blocks, with dressed stone facades that come from the same quarries as those of the Pouillon projects. »Augustin Cornet, architect of the MUZ agency.

Construction ecole ludotheque la ruche meudon pierre de sebastopol credits NicolasFagot


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