Hotel de la Marine

Paris, France

The stones extracted from our quarries contribute to an extraordinary restoration: the H么tel de la Marine.

After 4 years of work and 12,000 m虏 of building restored to its original historical state, the H么tel de la Marine opened its doors to the public last June.
On behalf of the Center des Monuments Nationaux (CMN), the emblematic stones of Paris - the stones
Saint-Maximin Liais
and from Saint-Leu - were used to replace several batteries and arcs. More than 30m鲁 of materials
were selected for this project, supervised by Christophe Bottineau, chief architect of Historic Monuments.
Beyond the use of noble materials such as stone, this restoration is a magnificent showcase for French craftsmanship and their know-how. This immense project mobilized dozens of companies with exceptional techniques and fingerings : cabinetmakers, goldsmiths, furniture restorer, stonemasons, gilders, ironworkers, carpenters - more than forty companies and many skills were called upon.
The emblematic monument completely restored was inaugurated by Emmanuel Macron on Thursday, June 10, 2021, the Head of State praised the restoration carried out by the Center des monuments nationaux (CMN), which "succeeded in reinventing the place" by " rediscovering the spirit 鈥漺hile鈥 modernizing it 鈥, thanks to鈥 French know-how 鈥, in particular鈥 companions and craftsmen whom we so much need 鈥.
More than a heritage place, the H么tel de la Marine has been designed as a place to live since you will also find a bookstore-boutique, a caf茅, a restaurant and coworking spaces.

鈥淚t is so rare to work on a large project relating to both renaissance and reconversion. The Hotel has been a matter of conservation and restoration, but also of enhancement and contemporary amenities. "


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