Ministry of Economy & Finance

Paris, France

The monumental ministerial building fits into its Parisian environment using natural stone

30 years ago, major works led to the creation of the Ministry of Finance in Paris. This imposing building whose architecture reinterprets the codes of classicism spans the Seine and the street to constitute "the monumental door which has always been lacking in the east of Paris" according to its architects Paul Chemetov and Borja Huidobro.

One of the points in common with the great classical monuments is the choice of materials and in particular natural stone. The exterior facades of the building, clad in Vilhonneur stone, thus respond to the Bercy bridge which adjoins the Ministry. The Vilhonneur stone, sanded and polished, also stands the interior walls of the lounges and halls. This stone was chosen by mutual agreement between the architects and François Mitterrand from among different samples delivered to the Elysee Palace. ROCAMAT responded to this extraordinary order - the largest construction site in Europe at the time - by supplying more than 30,000 m2 of stones, extracted from the Moulins-sur-Tardoire quarry in Charente. To pay homage to this monument, the stone has been renamed Vilhonneur Bercy stone. It is still extracted and transformed nowadays.

“In its composition and its different scales, this project takes into account the different elements of the site and responds through its parts to its assessment and understanding. By its stone it corresponds to that of the viaduct, by its moats and planted terraces to those of the Palais des Sports, by its strong frame with the metal arches of the aerial metro. "


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@Fred Romero CC BY 2.0

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