Grand Pressigny Museum

Le Grand-Pressigny, France

The new prehistoric museum extends time in contemporary architecture using natural stone

Le Grand Pressigny is a site famous for its rich prehistoric heritage. The region was a production center for thousands of very long flint blades which were then distributed widely across Europe. The site also hosts a keep and a 12th century fortress.

En 2009, une extension moderne a été ajouté au site pour aménager le Musée de la Préhistoire du Grand-Pressigny. Imaginé par l’architecte Bernd Hoge, le nouveau bâtiment matérialise un trait-d’union entre l’architecture classique et moderne. Les pierres Polycor ont été choisies pour ce projet. Les façades de l’extension sont en Massangis Jaune Clair stone, in rough sawn finish. Inside, a wall in continuity with the existing one, is made in Tuffeau stone.

“The new construction retraces the historic influence in connection with the Renaissance Gallery and accentuates the connection with the bridge and the gardens to be created. The Grand Pressigny is both a museum of prehistory and a remarkable castle in historical and architectural terms. The visit experience must therefore be twofold. "


Photo credits
@HOGE Architects

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