Savonnières stone

Limestone from Lorraine

Suboolitic vacuolar limestone, Upper Jurrassic, Portlandian stage

Beige-grey, fine-grained round, tightly packed with numerous vacuoles

Savonnières-en-Perthois (France)
15 km from Saint-Dizier

pierre de savonnieres credits ROCAMAT s

Recommended uses
Thin wall covering: Glued, Attached, Exterior elevation, Exterior strip, Exterior basement, Exterior crowning
Solid wall : Outdoor cladding, Outdoor spouts, Outdoor listels, Outdoor plinths, Outdoor cornices

Finishes available
Honed, Embossed

Technical characteristics
Apparent Density: 1700 to 1900 kg/m3 (NF EN 1936)
Open Porosity: 35 to 45% (NF EN 1936)
Resistance to fixing (3cm) TYPE I: 600 to 800 N (NF EN 13364)
Compressive Strength: 15 to 20 MPa (NF EN 772-1)
Flexural Strength: 3 to 4 MPa (NF EN 12372)
Capillarity Coefficent C1: 70 to 100 g.m-2.s-1/2 (NF EN 772-11)
Capillarity Coefficent C2: 70 to 100 g.m-2.s-1/2 (NF EN 772-11)

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