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Raw Materials

You are stonemasons or marble workers, you will find in our range most of the appellations of French heritage and coming from the main limestone soils.

Polycor’s stones are available as raw blocks that can be used for new construction projects or to restore historical monuments.Our inventory includes a selection of thin slabs, and we are also able to provide you with thick slabs tailored to your specific requirements.

Our sales team is at your disposal to select blocks and slices with you, directly on our production sites. For your specific requests, our geologists and our extraction technicians will study the feasibility with you.

carriere de POUILLENAY credits ROCAMAT 2 2048x1290 1
c Franck Charel Usine et Carriere Rocamat Tranches 96
vignette blocs pierre de tuffeau cROCAMAT 1132x713 1

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Interior and Exterior Flooring

Choosing a stone floor means freedom of formats, simple maintenance, high resistance to wear, a timeless patina, the possibility of creating a staircase or matching accessories.

Our range of stone makes it possible to meet all uses in flooring. The following table will guide you, for a first election, depending on the place of employment and the use you imagine.

Zone géographique d'emploi pour les dallages extérieursRespecting the rules of the art during implementation will guarantee the good performance of our products over time. These are described in the DTU 52.1 for sealed installation and 52.2 for glued installation.

Stone paving can also be laid on pedestals, calculating the necessary thickness, and on a heated floor, taking care to separate it from the support.

À l’extérieur, il est impératif de choisir la pierre en fonction du climat de la région et de gérer l’évacuation des eaux pluviales (pente, sous couche drainante, caniveau).

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Attached Stone

The attached stone makes it possible to make wall coverings made up of stone slabs attached to a concrete or masonry support. A ventilated air space must be provided between the rear face of the plates and the insulation fixed to the support. The insulation thickness is commonly 15 cm and can be up to 28 cm.

Stone slabs, generally 3 cm thick, can have a surface area of up to 1 m² and one of their dimensions measuring up to 1.40 m, if the wind sizing calculations allow it. The fasteners are made up of solid stainless steel legs, adjustable in three directions. They are fixed to the support by metal plugs. Except in special cases, the number of fasteners is four per plate, sized to ensure the absorption of the weight and the forces of the wind. The plate / bracket connection is made by penetrating a stainless steel lug into a larger diameter hole in the edge of the plate.

To go further, consult our commercial team and DTU 55.2.

Schematic Diagrams

revetement attache patte cheville schema de principe pierre facade
Coating with mechanically fixed metal clips
revetement attache manchon schema de principe pierre facade
Double lugs
inserted in the vertical edges
revetetement attache acrotere schema de principe pierre facade
Mortar bath installation
Acroterion cover

Self-Supporting Walls

Self-supporting coverings are made of bondable wall stone or dressed stone laid in matching layers. They are 8 to 15 cm thick. Their stability, vis-à-vis the discharge, is ensured by connections fixed to the load-bearing wall. This type of design allows the walls to have to Appearance of massive stone while being relatively thin. but relatively thin. It also offers the advantage of allowing the installation of significant thermal insulation from the outside.

To go further, consult our commercial team and DTU 20.1.

Schematic Diagrams

mur double base schema de principe 2021
Self-supporting wall base
in stone
reposA3 schema de principe
Connection ties between the stone wall and the internal load-bearing wall
Attachment system
standard adjustable

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Massive Stone

Stone has always been used to construct buildings. Today it is possible to build in solid structural stone. The stone facades can contribute totally or partially to the structure of the building and can be imagined in association with other materials. Building in local massive stone is a responsible choice which allows to obtain low carbon construction. The use of solid stone will give a strong thermal inertia to your building, which will allow you to benefit from remarkable summer comfort.

With deposits of soft stones spread over all the territory, Polycor gives you access to a material of high environmental quality near you. Our sales team is at your disposal to build your massive stone project with you in compliance with DTU 20.1.

Our stones Saint-Vaast, Saint-Leu, Tervoux, Sireuil are particularly well suited for this type of project, while remaining within competitive budgets vis-à-vis traditional construction. 

00 modele fenetre maison de sante audun le roman
01 carriere pierre massive sebastopol ROCAMAT maison de sante audun le roman
02 transformation usine pierre massive sebastopol maison de sante audun le roman
03 pose pierre massive sebastopol maison de sante audun le roman
04 projet pierre massive sebastopol maison de sante audun le roman

Maison de Santé d’Audun le Roman – 2019
Massive stone: Sebastopol Stone
Architect: Studiolada
Installation: SNBR

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Stone, thanks to today's techniques, adapts to new uses and finds its place in innovative projects. Thanks to digital techniques you can imagine complex shapes and build modern structural assemblies.

We work by removing material, which allows us to create unique pieces and to free you from the notions of series specific to artificial materials. Submit your stone wishes to us and we will innovate together. We have a flexible industrial tool and technical teams that allow us to adapt to the specificities of each project.

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ROCAMAT Tramway Viroflay 26 nov 2015 141
Groupe scolaire J Victoire Daubie pierre Anstrude Lyon 5 vertical
relief en pierre naturelle

Polycor's Insulated Cladding

This cladding system uses a 20 mm natural stone panel bonded to a 60 to 100 mm thick high-density expanded polystyrene insulation. The thermal resistance (R) of the assembly varies from 1.58 to 2.63. The horizontal edges of the stone are grooved in the factory. The slabs are mounted on aluminum rails. These are pegged to the support through the insulation. The clothing benefits from a CSTB Technical Assessment.

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