Casden Banque Populaire Headquarters

Champs-sur-Marne, France

Anstrude stone: a local and aesthetic material to accompany an institutional architecture.

The architecture of the headquarters of Casden Banque Populaire designed by the COSA architecture agency, in Champs-sur-Marne, reflects the values of the cooperative establishment but also its seriousness. For this bank, the architects found the right balance between classicism and simplicity. Originally created by and for teachers, Casden is a cooperative bank. Its identity lies in sharing and solidarity. Its architecture must reflect its values, while displaying the seriousness of a bank.

The materials used are natural: wood warms collective spaces while the Anstrude stone, characteristic of the region, set in aluminum with golden reflections finished to soften the institutional character of the architecture. The cladding of this stapled natural stone facade was installed by Les Constructions Modernes (LCM).

The landscape of the Casden Banque Populaire site features the works of Anne Vignal, a French artist who puts color and life at the heart of her creations.

Areas: 14,000 m², 4,500 m² facade, 320 parking spaces, 5,500 m² of outdoor spaces

“The COSA building of the headquarters of Casden Banque Populaire is adorned in blond stone, the trees grow in the roof garden… soon the balconies will complete the facade, bringing a domestic use to this set of offices. Step by step, the architecture finds the fragile balance between classicism and simplicity. "


Photo credits
Camille Gharbi - COSA Colboc Sachet architectures

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